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What Clients Are Saying

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"I wanted to drop you a quick note to tell you how much positive impact you have had on my organization,  The seminars, book reports and general business knowledge and advice have served our management team well.  I can honestly say that your coaching and interaction with our management team has elevated our game and made up more competitive in the marketplace.  Of all the seminars our management team has participated in, the “Top Ten Messages from Ten Top Books” was by far and away the single most impactful seminar our management team has ever been a part of.  It has been months since that seminar and our management team still references lessons learned during that truly unique learning session.  Gary, as the person who organized out company retreat, you made me look like a hero and for that I’m grateful.  Please have anyone who is considering you as a speaker or business consultant contact me personally. I would love to share my experiences with them.”

Adam Hunt | Regional Sales Manager –

"Miles Kierson and Gary Tomlinson in their book 'Discovering Execution' have identified the system and process for how leadership teams can move out of 'shadow' mode and into the reality of how they know their businesses can operate and more effectively run; by mastering the discipline of execution.

Read this book once. No, read it twice and begin to apply its concepts and teachings and you will be well on your way towards 'mastering execution'. It will take some time and commitment to get it right, however the return on that investment of time will pay off handsomely."

Monte Pedersen | Principal – The CDA Group, Strategy and Leadership Experts

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“Gary spoke to my Introduction to Entrepereneurship class at Elon University on the topic of strategy execution management. As anyone who’s ever started a company or tried to teach entrepreuneurship knows, execution is one of the hardest skills to implement, let alone teach.  In fact, it is not covered in any of the popular textbooks on the subject and the resources available on the web are woefully inadequate.  Gary’s presentation was engaging, even for 19-21 year-olds.  He delivered highly relevant content in a way that was easy to understand.  His use of real-world examples made the key points applicable rather than theortetical.  Gary gave my students concrete steps that they could use to plan and execute, not just in their future careers, but now in their on-campus organzations and other activities. What Gary shared with my classes was exceptionally valuable.”

Laura Zavelson | Entrepreneur in Residence – Elon University, Love School of Business

I have been in the Automobile business for over 40 years. I think we can all agree times have changed. Gary has opened my eyes and mentored me in such a way that I believe he has prolonged my career. In these challenging times I am happier and more effective as a leader.

Gary has weekly coaching sessions with our entire senior leadership team. Although this is the first time Gary has worked in the automobile business, he has been in the people business his whole career. He has taught all of us that relationships at work matter.

This has made a huge contribution in helping us change our company culture and leading us on a journey to becoming a high-performing organization.

John Bratton | Executive General Manager – Parks Chevrolet, Charlotte

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Over the past several years I have had the pleasure of working with Gary Tomlinson to develop my and my team's overall ability to lead and execute in today's environment. I especially have enjoyed the wisdom and learning lessons he has taught me around executing and execution management. Since developing and strengthening those 'muscles' I have seen myself and my team around me accomplish record-breaking results and tremendous improvement in our working relationships which has a direct effect on the customer experience too! Gary's affirming way of teaching and frequency of follow-up provided me with a sound platform to become masterful at leading a high-performing team.


Additionally, Gary has spent the same amount of time working with other Executives in our organization. Since Gary has a deep understanding of our organization's top leaders and their individual strengths he has been instrumental in aligning the team through several changes in our business units. Through improving and influencing working relationships to teaching execution management, Gary's counseling is a non-negotiable for the future of our organization. I feel comfortable speaking for our group in saying that without Gary's help we would not have progressed as fast or come as far as we have today.

Andrew Robin | Executive General Manager – Parks Chevrolet, Kernersville  

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“Gary Tomlinson continually amazes me with his energy, vision and positive impact on those interacting with him. As a speaker in my classes at NC State University, Elon University & Southern Maine University for the past 25 years, he has motivated and inspired countless students. The lessons learned by these from Gary are mentioned to me years later as I speak with alumni. Gary’s business acumen, professional style and innovation distinguish him as a leader in his field. I have frequent contact with legions of entrepreneurs and consider Gary Tomlinson to be rare in his positive personality, genuine concern for pursuit of knowledge, and excellent leadership skills exhibited in his ventures.”

Gary Palin | Founder of SEEC and Professor of Entrepreneurship at Southern Maine University

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