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Business Man

I have been truly blessed to have worked with Gary Tomlinson for nearly nine years. Gary has been incredibly influential on my life (both personal and professional). I can attribute a large amount of my development and successes to Gary’s teaching, training and counseling.

In an executive leadership position, it can be extremely lonely. With Gary by my side, our organization has been able to overcome incredible challenges and adversity. He has been a key contributor to our successes. With Gary’s support and guidance, specifically around execution management, the organization has nearly tripled in annual revenue and EBIDTA has increased by 5X since we first developed a relationship in 2013.

In recent years, Gary has been working with our entire senior leadership team. This has made an incredible impact on the team. With Gary’s involvement, the team members have developed individually and the team has developed as a whole. This level of involvement from Gary has allowed us to have a deeper understanding of execution management and leadership through the lens of execution.

Adam Parks | CEO & President - Parks Automotive Group

I have known Gary Tomlinson for over 6 years. In that time, he has challenged my thinking, pushed me beyond my comfort zone and has been my accountability partner.  Sharing my perspectives with Gary has pushed me to a place where I can fully own my decisions, better learn from my mistakes and better sustain my successes. Gary is truly a trusted advisor.

David Hepner | CFO - Parks Automotive Group

Man in Office
Smiling Man in Suit

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Gary Tomlinson for some time now and his guidance and sense of execution is amazing. He has helped me become not only a better business person, but a better person. Gary says everybody starts off with an A+…it is theirs to keep or lose. Starting off with an A+ and knowing the only way it goes down is when you do not hold yourself to the highest standards has helped me stay focused and produce at a very high level.

Gary works with all the Executives at the Parks Automotive Group on a weekly basis. It has significantly helped take the company to ultra-high profits and has greatly improved the communications between the leadership team members. Gary truly is a master at getting groups and companies to execute at the highest levels possible. 

I am truly grateful for all the assistance Gary has given me. It’s very rare in life that you run into a person like him who has a true sense of how to help you become both a better person and a better business person.

Todd Isaacson | Fixed Operations Director - Parks Automotive Group

Young Man

I am 54 year old with 30 years in the automotive business. Having the opportunity to work for Steve Landers, Roger Penske, Bob Johnson and Mack McLarty awarded me great business experience on how to be an exceptional Dealer/Operator. However, in my past experiences, I was taught business and how to motivate others. We spent very little time teaching or coaching ourselves on how to become a better person/leader/teammate.


Fast forward to January 2021, I met Gary Tomlinson and immediately I encountered a paradigm shift in my life. Over the last 8 months, we have spent very little time on the production of the business. All the counsel is surrounded on becoming a better person. Gary is very dynamic in getting you to understand how to have a paradigm shift in how you coach, communicate and motivate others. The win/win approach is the best resolution in maximizing your opportunities in business and life. Personally, I am grateful I was introduced to Gary. With Gary's continued coaching, my career has been extended.   

Derrick Daniels | Parks Automotive Group

Young Asian Male

I have been fortunate to be working with Executive Coach Gary Tomlinson since 2019. He has been extraordinary and at times a God send for me. He has help develop and groom me to become a General Manager within the Parks Automotive Group. He has transformed my way of looking at every situation whether it is personal or business.

Let me explain, I now try to look at every situation through the lens of execution. Gary has helped me become a more effective communicator both in my business life and well as in my personal life. He has been very instrumental in shaping and growing the Parks Automotive Group to become a High-Performance Organization. If you ever get the opportunity, I highly recommend working with Gary.

Vu Anh Vo | General Manager - Parks Chevrolet, Huntersville

Gary Tomlinson has assisted me with accurately assessing personnel needs and the impact each position has to the company.  Together we have created personal job responsibilities for my leadership team. This has brought alignment between me and my team on what’s expected, the results and what success looks like.

Gary has helped the Parks Automotive Group create synergy and consistency around personal development and coaching. The skills learned during our calls with Gary have helped both me and our entire organization develop a high performing culture of execution excellence. 

R.J. Robinson | Managing Partner - Parks Chevrolet, Richmond

Young Businessman
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