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The Art of Speaking

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Gary is a nationally recognized speaker on the subjects of leadership, communication and organizational execution.


He is a dynamic and entertaining presenter who began speaking professionally in 1975 when he was pioneering U.S. Surgical Stapling instruments to surgeons, residents and operating room personnel.


Since then he has presented to hundreds of audiences ranging in size from 5 to 5,000 attendees.

For 29 years, Gary has been a regular lecturer at N.C. State University as well as other universities and colleges throughout the United States.


Gary's richest source of learning has always come from sharing what he’s learned with student audiences.


Communicating Your Way to the Top

Men and women who use the spoken word powerfully are the men and women who change the world – Our World! 


There is a world of difference between talking to others and communicating with others.  Effective Communication is a million-dollar skill, a path to success in all areas of your life - both personal and professional. 


Yet, most of us have very little education on the most important skill sets that add to the quality of our lives both personally and professionally. 


Gary’s “Art of Telling” is a professional speaking education for professionals in every day use.  He shares this dynamic education with professionals and students throughout the world because nothing is so simple that it can’t be misunderstood.



The Key to High Performance Organizations

What does it mean to “discover” execution when everyone knows what execution is?


It means transforming a vague notion of execution as a good skill to have into realizing how critical and radical mastering execution can be for both individuals and organizations in terms of what they can and do accomplish.


The world is slowly awakening to the possibility of getting better and better at execution and companies from small to large are discovering the power of it. Execution – once discovered – can turn into a journey of mastery.


By discovering execution, you’ll be in the forefront of what is becoming more and more a revolutionary trend in business. The ability to execute is the most valuable personal and organizational competency you can have.


The Age of Execution is upon us and the journey is still a “road less taken,” but one that will benefit travelers for the rest of their lives!

Building Your Authority Status
Wouldn’t it be great to be able to prescribe to your prospects instead of always having to sell to them? 


If you want to be liberated from selling or want to prescribe your products and services rather than always having to sell them, then you need to focus on building your authority status and start becoming the leader in your field. 


Learning the “Art of Invitation” is actually easier than learning the “Art of Selling.”

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