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The Journey

Professional Experience
Review Gary's journey to becoming one of the most prominent
Execution Management & Acclaimed Executive Team Alignment consultants of our times.

March 2009 - Present

December 1999 – March 2009

October 1982 – November 1999

August 1981 – August 1982

September 1980 – August 1981

October 1978 – September 1980

September 1975 – October 1978

September 1976 – August 1977

June 1974 – September 1975

August 1970 – May 1974

​Gary shifted his consulting firm focus to specialize in discovering execution, execution management and leadership through the lens of execution. He works with organizations as a contract CXO (Chief Execution Officer) teaching them how to lead and manage execution down to an individual level. This results in more productivity, higher revenues and greater profitability.

​Gary started Gary Tomlinson & Associates, LLC, a consulting firm that specialized in coaching and advising senior executives. He has worked with CEOs, Presidents and top executives of medical homecare companies, large non-profit organizations, state governments, banks, national medical associations, etc.

​Gary started Med Covers, Inc. to address the problem of protecting medical equipment during the transportation cycle to and from patient’s homes. Med Covers was a manufacturing company that custom designed and custom manufactured productive covers, carrying cases and medical therapeutic bed surfaces. During his 17 years as President, Med Covers designed over 6,000 unique products. Gary sold out to his partners in November 1999.

​Gary contracted with Glasrock to create their policies, procedures and operating manuals for on-boarding future branches of their company.

​Gary started a second homecare company that provided services on a contract basis to Glasrock. In August of 1981, Gary sold this company to Glasrock as well.

Gary co-founded Respiratory Home Care company in Raleigh, North Carolina. He and his partner pioneered infant monitoring to prevent crib death, oxygen concentrators which at that time was a new form of oxygen therapy delivery systems and volume ventilators in the home which was total life-support equipment. They sold out to Glasrock in September 1980 who wanted to take their policies and procedures nation-wide. Today this company is known as Aprea Healthcare.

Gary became the youngest person in the United States to pioneer U.S. Surgical Stapling Instruments. He successfully introduced these new surgical stapling instrumentals to the hospitals and the surgeons in the Southwest Virginia area and then in Tidewater Virginia area.

Gary went to Eastern Virginia Medical School where he received a certificate in Cardiac-Emergency Medical Technology. He graduated #1 in his class and had the highest score on the State Boards that year. Gary was a full paramedic in the State of Virginia.

After graduation, Gary began his career as an Operating Room Technician at Richmond Memorial Hospital in Richmond, Virginia.

Gary graduated from Randolph-Macon College with a B.S. Degree in Psychology. During the college summers of 1971, 1972 & 1973 he trained to be an Operating Room Technician at Alexandria Memorial Hospital in Alexandria, Virginia.

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