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“When Miles and Gary asked me to review the manuscript and write the foreword for “Discovering Execution”, I was honored to do so, having worked with them both for many years. I have to admit, though, I thought I would be quickly perusing the host of execution management concepts and processes that the three of us had explored and refined together over the past decade. What I found when I began reading this book was so much more than I had expected.

As I read, I became more and more excited about how they had approached a very complex subject. This was not another normal high-level process-oriented “how-to” book, or even another book on why you need to manage execution that fails to answer the most important question of exactly how execution ought to be managed. In this book, Miles and Gary get down to the very core of execution, to what they’ve termed the “molecular” level. After reading it, I began to understand it at an even deeper level than I ever had before, and I’ve been involved with execution management, myself, for over seventeen years.

As you progress through this book, I hope you will read every word. It’s not a long book, but it is a very important book.

I’m excited for you. You are about to embark on your own exciting journey, and as you learn more, I hope what you learned becomes part of the journey for all of us.”

Wayne Nelsen | President and Founder of Keyne Insight, Inc. & The Keyne Institute for Execution Mastery

“OMG…. that is the thought that kept coming to me as I read this really engaging book. Execution and generating results are topics that we all deal with in business. In Discovering Execution these topics haves been served up in a unique, powerful and refreshing way. Language, commitment and systems are all dissected and translated in ways that will improve one’s ability to execute as well as an organizations ability to create a culture of performance. I can hardly wait to be able to share this book and work to implement its ideas with my clients and leadership groups. Kudos to the authors for the contribution and insights this book provides and thanks for writing this book.”

Bruce Hodes | CMI Head Coach, Author, Speaker

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“Miles Kierson and Gary Tomlinson in their book, “Discovering Execution” have identified the system and process for how leadership teams can move out of “shadow” mode and into the reality of how they know their businesses can operate and more effectively run; by mastering the discipline of execution.

Read this book once. No, read it twice and begin to apply its concepts and teachings and you will be well on your way towards “mastering execution”. It will take some time and commitment to get it right, however the return on that investment of time will pay off handsomely.”

Monte Pedersen | Principal, The CDA Group LLC -- Strategy and Leadership Experts

“I was anxious to read this book by Kierson and Tomlinson, but I wasn’t prepared for how well done it was and how it would hit me. Everybody will tell you how busy I am, yet I read the book twice within a week. I’ve known Miles for a number of years, and this book condenses so many powerful and value releasing concepts that have been transformational to me as a leader. Learning the difference from chapter 1 in paradigm shifting and when implemented creates value in you as a leader and certainly value to your business.”

Christopher Morin | Executive Vice President, The Reserve Group

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“If you want academic theory and surface platitudes, this book is not for you. If you are searching for practical knowledge and specific guidance to address an often ignored yet critical aspect of successfully driving and growing an organization, 'Discovering Execution – The Key to High Performance Organizations' will be a valuable book for you.”

Execution is an often overlooked or ignored aspect of strategy implementation. Their book simply and effectively describes, outlines and teaches a straight path to successful execution of your organizations strategy. This book is a must read for any business person.”

Gary Palin | Founder of SEEC and Professor of Entrepreneurship at Southern Maine University

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