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Chief Execution Officer

With all the changes that have occurred in the business landscape over the past several decades, it's becoming ever more difficult for CEOs and COOs to devote time and energy to executing strategy within their companies. As a result, CEOs are beginning to appoint CXOs for their organizations.  The CXO’s primary job responsibilities are to:

  • Lead the journey of mastering execution (down to an individual level) throughout the organization.

  • Develop the organization’s structure for execution.

  • Establish execution management as a core competency within the organization.

  • Oversee the development and training of the managing leaders (at all levels of the organization, especially the senior executives).


A CXO ensures the organization’s strategic plan gets translated into action. He/she helps the organization successfully achieve not only their strategy but the day-to-day activities of the employees as well. The CXO’s mission is to help build world-class execution capabilities throughout the entire organization.

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CXO – Chief Execution Officer

A CXO is "a senior executive who is responsible for overseeing the execution of the strategic initiatives as well as the day-to-day activities of the organization itself."

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