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A distinguished Business Consultant and Executive Coach, a Motivational Speaker and one of the Top 5 Chief Execution Officers in the world, Gary Tomlinson puts his lifelong learning and 40+ years of experience to work helping senior executives discover and apply “execution.” 

Designed to bridge the huge gap between planning and implementation, Gary’s unique approach has helped guide many organizations on the journey to master execution as a competency.

As a founding member of the Keyne Institute, he employs the KeyneLink process to help clients successfully clarify and achieve their strategic objectives year after year.



Gary's mission is to help managing-leaders throughout the world discover execution.  Because until a leader discovers execution there is nothing to manage. As one of the top five experts on Execution Management in the world, Gary inspires thoughtful leadership through his motivational consulting and speaking practices to align your professional and personal goals with success and prosperity.

His guiding coalition is that “the golden rule not only makes good moral sense, but it makes good business sense too", and Gary believes that given the pace and nature of change in today’s business environment, the level of an organization’s resiliency depends upon the resources it devotes to the development of its people. 


As the rate of change increases, the willingness and ability to keep learning become central to career success for individuals and to economic success for organizations.


Gary has been an entrepreneur and business owner for over 40 years.  His experience has taught him a lot, but the pursuit of business education has taught him even more.  He believes when you combine great business education with your own business experience the outcome you’ll receive is far greater than the sum of its parts.

Today, Gary is a student first, a teacher second and a servant always.  His primary focus is on these disciplines:

As a business consultant and executive coach Gary works with leadership teams around the whole idea of execution and execution management.  Most companies are good with the strategic side of the equation.  However, most struggle with the execution side.  This is why execution and execution management are such hot topics.  Gary has spent over a decade really digging into this part of the equation and figuring out what makes execution work.  And he’s done it!  Learn more.

As a motivational speaker Gary speaks on the topics of leadership, communication and organizational execution.  His presentations are informative, engaging and interactive and are always designed for audience members to have valuable takeaways they can use right away.  Learn more.

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