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by Advanced Knowledge, Inc.

Video Review by Gary Tomlinson

Video Review on

Chilean Mine Rescue: The Unstoppable Team Video

by Advanced Knowledge, Inc.

(Video Review by Gary Tomlinson)
Carolina Business Connection – August 2012

On August 5, 2010, a 121 year-old copper and gold mine in a Chilean desert suffers a cave-in. Somewhere, a half-mile beneath the earth, 33 miners have vanished. After 17 days of exploratory drilling, with no sign of life, hope is beginning to fade. But then, something miraculous happens. A drill bit emerges and taped to the tip is a note in red marker: “33 of us are inside the refuge and all of us are well.”

For the next 42 days, the attention of the world was riveted on this remote corner of the planet. And at the end, one of the most dramatic rescues in history took place. It required inspiration, teamwork and the ability to respond to set-backs and shifting challenges in order to save the lives of these 33 human beings.

While few teams may address actual life and death matters, the key to their success lies, just as it did with the rescue of the miners, in three essential elements:

  1. A clearly defined common goal that unites and inspires the participants.

  2. Appropriate skills and resources applied to project needs, along with a diversity of thinking to get the job done.

  3. The ability to respond to the unexpected and turn disaster into triumph.


Chilean Mine Rescue: The Unstoppable Team is a compelling 20 minute video accompanied by a comprehensive Leader’s Guide, PowerPoint Slide Presentation, Session Quiz and Handouts. This comprehensive training package addresses the issue of building inclusive teams in a new way. It will help team leaders at all levels understand how to:

  • Clearly define a common goal and rally people around the goal by creating a vivid connection to the larger purpose of your task.

  • Effectively reinforce and communicate the vision to keep your team united and inspired.

  • Identify and leverage the skills and capabilities of your team members.

  • Forge partnerships and alliances to expand your capabilities.

  • Stay open to new ideas, emerging leaders and alternative solutions.

According to a recent study by Accenture, organizations that focus strongly on interpersonal skills learning are on average 27% more productive and enjoy 40% higher revenue growth than their competitors. What is so strong about this training program is not only the dramatic and compelling story but how this dramatic and compelling story becomes an opportunity to understand the characteristics that make an unstoppable team. Since all organizations want their teams to be high performance teams, learning how to become an unstoppable team is a very valid training goal.

The quality of production and content of Chilean Mine Rescue: The Unstoppable team is outstanding. The Leader’s Guide is a great tool for both the experienced Trainer/Facilitator as well as the novice. The simple but effective participant’s quiz provides a quick check enabling organizations to know if your employees got the key messages from the video. But maybe the most important quality of this training package is that the characteristics that make up an unstoppable team will stick with those who experience it. And that’s where the real value is!

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