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Authored by Cam Marston

Video Review by Gary Tomlinson

Book Review on

Generational Selling Tactics That Work

by Cam Marston

(Review by Gary Tomlinson)
Carolina Business Connection – July 2011

“Today, as buying becomes far easier than selling, customers are gaining the upper hand. Yet many salespeople maintain an egocentric frame of mind: the reasons you like your product and service are the same reasons your buyers will like them, right? And what you want in a sales person is the same thing they’ll want, right? Wrong! If your customers hail from another generation, they might as well come from a different planet. The rapid changes in the past century have resulted in four generations that have grown up under vastly different circumstances. If you want to connect, develop rapport and make sales with every age group, you have to understand what impact these diverse experiences have on how they view your business.”

Cam Marston’s latest book, Generational Selling Tactics that Work, offers simple, easy-to-execute ideas for how best to work with and sell to each of the four generations in today’s marketplace: Matures, Baby Boomers, Generation X and Millennials. Marston has spent more than fifteen years studying workforce dynamics with a keen focus on how generational biases play out from the stock room to the boardroom. One of a handful of experts dedicated to conquering the generational guide, Marston has shared his insight with hundreds of organizations eager to make sense of the changing business landscape.

His premise is simple. People do business with people they like. And people do business with people who they think are like themselves. Marston’s book is written to help you become likable to your different generations of customers and to give you tools and ideas for how to become like your different generations of customers. His book will teach you how to be both like your client and likable by your client.

Generational Selling Tactics that Work delivers insightful knowledge on each generation’s characteristics. Marston then shares the quick and dirty tips for how to apply this insight to increase revenues. “It doesn’t matter what age you are, so long as you understand how your customer’s age affects the bottom line.”

To learn more about Generational Selling Tactics that Work or to purchase a copy go to www.generational This is an informative book that should be essential reading for anyone in sales or in the negotiation process, regardless of their industry.

You can engage Gary at Be sure to read his other book reports & book reviews.

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