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Discovering Execution

What does it mean to "Discover" Execution, when

everyone knows what Execution is? 

It means transforming a vague notion of execution as a good skill to have into realizing how critical and radical mastering execution can be for both individuals and organizations in terms of what they can and do accomplish.

The world is slowly awakening to the possibility of getting better and better at execution, and companies from small to large are discovering the power of it.  Execution - once discovered - can turn into a journey to mastery.

In Gary's  and Mile's book you will learn:

  • What is execution?

  • The Language of Execution: The Portal to the Journey to Mastery of Execution.

  • The Execution Cycle. It can be said that all of work revolves around this one cycle.

  • Relationships at Work Matter. Work relationships are essential for becoming a high performance organization.

  • Commitment: The Secret Sauce

  • Managing Execution down to an individual level.

  • The Journey to Mastery of Execution.

  • The Resistance to getting better at Execution.

  • "Secrets" that very few senior executives or managers know about how to get things done.

By discovering execution, you'll be in the forefront of what is becoming more and more a revolutionary

trend in business. The ability to execute is the most valuable personal and

organizational competency you can have!

To order a copy of "Discovering Execution - The Key to High Performance Organizations" click on the Amazon Icon below.

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"Read this book once. No, read it twice and begin to apply its concepts and teachings and you will be well on your way towards 'mastering execution'.”

Monte Pedersen | Principal - The CDA Group, Strategy and Leadership Experts

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