The “Art of Telling” is professional speaking education for professionals. Every day we are required to share information, explanations, changes, ideas, directions, and viewpoints to others in our lives. Men and women who use the spoken word powerfully are the men and women who change the world – Our World! Effective communication is the key to business success. Who in a leadership role is exempt from the need to prompt others to think, feel and act as they desire? We are all engaged in the effort of persuasion from the moment we are born until we draw our last breath.

The business person today who can communicate clearly with others, whether one-on-one, one-on-five or one-on-five hundred, has enormous power. There is a world of difference between talking to others and communicating with others. Effective communication is a million-dollar skill, a path to success in all areas of your life both personal and professional.

“Art of Telling” Presentation Seminar:

An ideal amount of time for an “Art of Telling” Seminar is one to one-and-a-half hours.  However, Gary can design his presentation down to 45 minutes and up to three hours. To learn more about an “Art of Telling” Presentation Seminar contact Gary at (919) 847-6235 or e-mail him at

What Participants will Learn:

  • Traits of effective speakers
  • Traits of ineffective speakers
  • The three satisfactions that all presenters want from their listeners
  • The five satisfactions that all listeners want from their presenters
  • What defines your image
  • Your “tool box”
  • The importance of “self-talk”
  • How to be heard – thinking of communication in terms of an outcome

The Promise:

What an amazing and dramatic difference the ability to communicate, to present, makes in our lives. The better prepared you are, the better you use the tools, the more effective you’ll be in communicating effectively with others. The skills and the tools needed for a well-tuned and effective presentation are in our reach. The realities are we all have to polish these skills. Most of us will not pay the price. For those who do, the reward is enormous!

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