INTERIM CXO (Chief Execution Officer)

Gary serves in the capacity of interim Chief Execution Officer (CXO) while he trains someone in the organization to take over that function. This is a position he discovered was missing in the C-Suite level, a position that ought to be at least as essential as the other already accepted positions.

The interim CXO’s job is to make sure the organization is fulfilling its commitments to its initiatives; that in general everybody is learning to get better and better at execution; that the enterprise is organized to maximize effectiveness; that everyone who in in a management position is utilizing best practices in producing results; that the execution management system is being used to maximize its effectiveness in managing progress and learning; and in general is cultivating a culture of accelerating capability.

With all the changes that have occurred in the business landscape over the past decade, it’s becoming ever more difficult for CEOs and COOs to devote time and energy to executing strategy within their companies. As a result, CEOs are appointing CXOs for their organizations.

The CXO’s primary job responsibilities are to:

1.  Lead the journey of mastering execution (down to an individual level) throughout the organization.

2.  Develop the organization’s structure for execution.

3.  Establish execution management as a core competency within the organization.

Gary is an expert in organizational execution management (a very rare skill in the world today) and has a proven system supported by a software enabler, to manage execution down to an individual level to ensure the successful achievement of both an organization’s initiatives and the daily activities of the enterprise itself.

A CXO has these Characteristics and so does Gary!

1.  Deeply Trusted by the CEO – Gaining and keeping trust takes time. Gary understands that the greatest accomplishment a leader can obtain is to win the trust and respect of those he leads. Trust is what happens when values and behaviors match up. He knows that people are more apt to trust and respect you when what you say and what you do are one and the same.

2.  Star Player – Gary has achieved impressive results starting early in his career. He has founded six successful businesses. Gary was the youngest pioneer of U.S. Surgical Stapling Instruments in the mid 70’s. In 1978 he pioneered the first of two medical home care companies. Both were purchased by a company that wanted to take them nationwide. Today that company is known as Apria Healthcare. Gary then went on to start an innovative medical manufacturing company that he led for 18 years. Today he is a nationally recognized speaker and consultant on the topics of leadership, communication and execution (management). Gary has much experience as an entrepreneur, senior executive and seasoned business owner.

3.  Jack of all Trades – Because Gary has founded six businesses he’s been there since the beginning in each of them. He has worn the CEO hat, the janitor’s hat and every other hat in between.

4.  Comfortable with Ambiguity – Because Gary has pioneered new business concepts, he is very comfortable in embracing an uncertain future. He’s learned that actions don’t always pay off right away and that his roles have had to evolve rapidly as circumstances dictated. He understands what it means to run a company and to be in the CEO’s shoes.

5.  Influencer – Gary has always scored very high on assessments in this area. He’s a passionate leader who believes the “Golden Rule” not only makes good moral sense, but it makes good business sense too. He believes the highest achievement a leader can obtain is to win the trust and respect of those he leads.

6.  Doer – Gary understands that execution without strategy is aimless and that strategy without execution is useless. However, if given the chose, he would rather have an okay strategy executed really well than an excellent strategy executed not-so-well. Of course, having a strong strategy executed really well is the ideal situation.

7.  Great Communicator – Gary excels in this area. He has been a professional speaker for over 35 years. Not only that, he has been teaching professional speaking and communication skills to senior executives and college students for over 17 years. Gary understands “that nothing is so simple that it can’t be misunderstood.” He clearly understands that the purpose of relationships at work is to further the success of the enterprise.

8.  Student of Business Education – The topic of execution is not new. However, there’s a whole lot more education and consultant support on the strategy side. Most of the education on the execution side is confined to the “why” and “what” of it. There’s been little education on the “how” of it. Gary is changing that. Gary believes when you combine your own business experience with valuable business education it’s like an alloy (1 +1 = 3).

9.  Execution Management System Expert – Gary is one of the few experts in execution, execution management and execution management systems in the world. For the past 8 years he has worked closely with Wayne Nelsen, the founder of Keyne Insight, to help create the best execution management system in the marketplace. Gary believes that without a structure for execution (system) you’re playing Russian roulette with the results.

As an Interim CXO, Gary ensures your strategic plan gets translated into action. He helps you successfully achieve not only your strategy but the day-to-day activities of your employees as well. You can hire Gary as your Interim CXO to help you build and sustain world-class execution capabilities throughout your entire organization.

You can engage Gary at (919) 847-6235 or at