Business Consultant / Executive Coach / Interim CXO



As a Business Consultant:

Gary’s unique offering is designed to help organizations take on the journey of learning how to improve on their ability to execute. Because each client is unique, he customizes his process to meet each organization’s specific needs. Gary’s coming in purpose is to get his client on a good track and have them learn and thrive in engaging their organization to improve their ability to produce results. He is a specialist in helping develop high preforming organizations.

Most often, as part of his offering, Gary introduces his clients to the KeyneLink execution management system. He helps bring their team into the fold and teaches them how to implement this system throughout the organization.

As an Executive Coach:

Because Gary is steeped in leadership practices as well as execution practices, he is a unique executive coach. He works with both experienced and new executives as well as high-level managers to help them be better leaders and managers. Gary helps them get over their execution-related hurdles and helps them manage their critical relationships – managing both “up” and “down”.

As an interim CXO (Chief Execution Officer):

Gary serves in the capacity of interim Chief Execution Officer (CXO) while he trains someone in the organization to take over that function. This is a position he discovered was missing in the C-Suite level, a position that ought to be at least as essential as the other already accepted positions.

The interim CXO’s job is to make sure the organization is fulfilling its commitments to its initiatives; that in general everybody is learning to get better and better at execution; that the enterprise is organized to maximize effectiveness; that everyone who in in a management position is utilizing best practices in producing results; that the execution management system is being used to maximize its effectiveness in managing progress and learning; and in general is cultivating a culture of accelerating capability.