What does it mean to “discover” execution, when everyone knows what execution is?

book-mockupIt means transforming a vague notion of execution as a good skill to have into realizing how critical and radical mastering execution can be for both individuals and organization in terms of what they can and do accomplish.

Execution – once discovered – can turn into a journey to mastery.

“I was anxious to read this book by Kierson and Tomlinson, but I wasn’t prepared for how well done it was and how it would hit me. Everybody will tell you how busy I am, yet I read the book twice within a week. I’ve known Miles for a number of years, and this book condenses so many powerful and value releasing concepts that have been transformational to me as a leader. Learning the difference from chapter 1 in paradigm shifting and when implemented creates value in you as a leader and certainly value in any business.”
Christopher Morin, Executive Vice President, The Reserve Group

The authors, Miles Kierson & Gary Tomlinson, of the definitive book on discovering execution, have a rare specialty – bringing execution excellence to today’s companies.